Arihant & Mudita
Ramee GuestLine Resort, Bengaluru
April 2019

While we can’t get enough of their laughter and contentment, Mudita & Arihant’s wedding has reasons more than one to be totally swooned over with. Be it the hearty merry vibes, the flamboyant decor, their distinctive looks or elaborately planned unique entry for every function, each element is worth going gaga over!

They had a typical arranged first meeting where the boy and his family comes to meet the girl. We went with the mindset that it is an arranged marriage and there might be absolutely two strings of thoughts flowing. But to our surprise, the first time we met the couple together it seemed like they have known each other for years, they respected each other’s opinions, made each other laugh and oh boy! We could see pure love and emotions in that room.

We were both excited and nervous as it was our first event in Bengaluru and thus it came with its own challenges, but the endearing couple made it smooth with their constant faith and love for our team.


The Groom, Arihant Choraria, was as caring as an elder brother to us and respected our skills and experience enough to leave the entire wedding planning and management in our hand, be it e-invites, décor, hospitality, guest management, artists and entertainment, gifts and favours, etc. And the Bride, Mudita Surana, got down to plan her wedding and looked for inspiration as soon as they decided on their wedding date. Her constant involvement worked as a guideline for us to help the couple in curating their wedding just like their dreams.


We had exactly one month at our disposal to plan this wedding and since the clients were also from Bengaluru, so we had to take a couple of trips down south to make sure everything is smooth and running and everyone is on the same page. By everyone, we don’t mean just the couple, their families and us but also our local vendors and artists that we ascertained from the city itself to keep the budget in check and keep the flavour intact. There were huge risks involved as we were working with most of our vendors for the first time, but we left no stone unturned to keep the quality in check and made things as lucid as possible for everyone’s clear understanding and nothing was left to chance.


The venue, Ramee GuestLine Resort, has commodious indoor and outdoor event space with a capacity to board around 250 guests and adequate manpower to serve with but the big challenge was that it is around 65 km away from Bengaluru airport through the infamous Bengaluru traffic. But then again, its Bengaluru, so we can’t expect anything close to the airport. Thus, we had to keep our logistics game smooth and hassle-free and we achieved this with our team of logistics expert stationed at the airport and even at major Bengaluru railway stations with amazing support from the travel vendor.

A dedicated hospitality team, amazing artists and sincere vendors, all working towards a single objective made the execution process sleek and the two-day extravaganza go exactly as designed. Even though we had to make a tough call to change the reception venue on the day of the event because of rain forecast, every little thing was carried out to perfection as we had made provisions for the same considering the unusual rain pattern of the city.


There was constant support from family members throughout the wedding, especially from the couple’s siblings, Mudit Choraria and Sonu Surana, who made sure that we have everything we need to carry out our duties. Together we delivered our guests a memorable experience. There was a lot to gain from this event, unlocked our doors to a new city, discovered amazing vendors and to top it all we made an everlasting connection with the Bride, Groom and their family.

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