Purnima & Gourav
December 2019

A classic tale of friends playing the cupid for two souls along with their destinies playing in their favour, Purnima and Gourav’s story is a one that so many of us silently wish for. Rollin’ through the most important years of their lives together, sticking with each other through thick and thin, and ultimately acing the long distance. Purnima & Gourav met each other six years back in a party and quickly became best friends. However, it wasn’t until they moved to different cities that they realized their love for each other and they’ve been inseparable ever since. As a couple, like the bride says, they epitomize friendship and have a pact to always be best friends before lovers, they are “a very Netflix and chill sort of people who love to watch movies and shows together in their comfy pyjamas with favourite hot chocolate fudge.”. And while we can’t stop awing at this adorable couple’s mushy tale, believe us when we say, #PuravKaPureLove wedding as well as quite literally like the couple themselves filled with fun, love and laughter!


Well, this wedding was equally special for Team YDD as one of our team members was giving away her sister. So, we had to make this one very special!

This winter wedding took place in the cultural city of India – Kolkata. The family told us only one thing that the guests are coming from all across India make it memorable and an experience that they will never forget. And we knew what we have to do next. From décor to finalising bride’s floral jewellery to designing wedding logo to making a wedding website we did it all. In the span of 3 days, 7 events we entertained our guests with the best artists, entertainment and activities.


The first day began on an intimate and chilled out note with a Mehendi ceremony at home. They were followed by a happening engagement-cum-sangeet night which was all about having fun, partying, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

Done in hues of blue and pink and accessorized with pastel-hued florals, BANNO signage designed with flowers and colourful tassels, the Battissi was a riot of laughter.


The Mayra and Sangeet ceremonies were back-to-back and were a jazzed up groovy affair with loads of dance performances and traditional Marwari songs being sung by ladies. The decor was primarily marked by tones of fuchsia, orange, blue, purple, and green. Drapes, marigold arrangements, signages, stick miniature bulbs, huge tassels, and lights made up for the entire joyous decor.


For Haldi, we gave the bride an orange shower! Yes, it was a phoolon ki holi with orange/yellow marigold petals, as the dhols played in the background and the décor complimented the entire celebration with a pastel themed setup done in hues of white and yellow, the Haldi ceremony was a super spirited one.


The wedding was a dreamily lit affair with miniature bulbs, candles, chandeliers, and fairly lights, the peachy hued decor with apt floral arrangements looked absolutely soothing and warm. The pastel-hued floral peacock Jaimala backdrop was undoubtedly the highlight. The wedding as well was a “high on fun and happiness” function with baraatis dances to the tunes of Band and the bride making a stellar entry under a phoolon ki chaadar with fireworks. This wedding was full of emotions and challenges as it couldn’t be anything less than beautiful!


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