Rohit & Meghna
AMMERF & P C Chandra Gardens, Kolkata
June 2018

This was the big opportunity we were looking for since the inception of our company, to manage an event in all respects i.e. end to end. We had managed sangeet, anniversaries, ring ceremonies and varmala event before but those were one-day event and it didn’t entail the hospitality factor. But in this wedding, Anil Bhaiya entrusted us with complete management for the wedding of his brother and we went all in. The reason I am calling him bhaiya is because he is family and that’s what family do, they trust us and they help us to root ourselves firmly and stand tall and strong.


I am writing this blog in 2020, we have come a long way since then, have done lots of events but this particular wedding will always be the most special and the sole reason for that is – The Hirawat Family. They are so lively and overwhelming that it makes you wonder. Looking at them relishing every moment of the wedding celebration of Rohit bhaiya and Meghna Bhabhi made us realise what we love most about our work.


It was a two-day event but we celebrated for a month. The participation and involvement of all the family members throughout the final month of planning and preparation was something to be fond of. We tend to have an inclination towards Sangeet Sandhya because of our personal interests and we prefer to go creative and dynamic. They implemented all our crazy ideas with such fervour and perfection that no one from the audience could take off their eyes from the stage on the day of the sangeet. Adorned in yellow, all the guests enjoyed the musical Haldi ceremony where they played lots of musical games and danced their hearts out. Everyone was left in awe when the groom’s mom entered the venue under a floral chaddar for Mayra and battisi ceremony and after that, all the guests spanned on live Rajasthani folk music. On the day of the wedding, the couple was looking so charismatic sitting together on the phera mandap and to witness them taking the seven vows was the only closure this extravaganza needed.


There was a constant movement of guests from one venue to another on both the days and for that we successfully managed a fleet of 30 cars which is a great job considering our first event in which we were looking over logistics. We formed our dream team during this event. Researched, speculated and discovered some of the finest artists and vendors of Kolkata and we still work with most of them because of their quality, dedication and talent in what they do. Everyone worked tirelessly and achieved the goal as everyone had a gala time.  Anil bhaiya had a lot in his plate but still, he was always there with a smile for all the guests and even for us catering to all our need in the planning process. It was our first event and we still had a lot learn but he was always there to cover up for us and we will always be grateful to him for that.

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